Ugo no Tsuki – Tasting

Ugo no Tsuki (Moon after the rain) Nama from Hiroshima

This is a bottle I drank over yakitori, as is my wont, with the family at a local restaurant.

Hiroshima has a very strong sake tradition, and a huge number of well respected kura. Aihara Shuzo, with their famous Ugo no Tsuki label, is certainly among the best known.

This is their “special” honjozo unpasteurized, with a milling ratio of 60% and made with added brewer’s alcohol. This last is often taken to mean it’s of “lower quality” than junmai, but that certainly wasn’t the case with this bottle. It was wonderful, fruity and light and a wonderful match to the salty yakitori.

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  1. This is a great find from Hiroshima Prefecture. In the neighborhood of that same brewery within the city of Kure, there is another very good brewery called Houken. Nigata seems to be an excellent place for sake brewing!

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