Takaharu Tokubetsu Junmai – Tasting

Takaharu Tokubetsu Junmai

This brew comes from Nagayama Honke Shuzojo in Ube, Yamaguchi. Their normal label is Taka, but for this special product, available only through Yamaguchi Liquor Space Taiyo shops, they use the special name Takaharu. They also use a paper outer wrapper for extra snazz!

Check out the Washi paper label!

This sake grew on me. The first couple of cups were kind of unimpressive. It tends toward the umami end of the spectrum, being a dryer brew, and I found the alcohol bite kind of covered the other flavors. However, as I neared the end of the bottle it really grew on me (no, I didn’t finish it in one sitting!). It has a real depth of flavor, and feels like it brings out the essence of the rice.

It doesn’t have the light sweetness of a daiginjo, but for all that it’s a rewarding drink and one I’d not hesitate to keep on hand (if I lived near a Taiyo shop…).

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