Maboroshi – Tasting

Maboroshi Junmai Ginjo from Hiroshima’s Nakao Jozo

Maboroshi, meaning “Illusion, phantom” is a junmai ginjo made with Hiroshima’s Hattan Nishiki rice milled to 55%.

I like that this is a local sake made with a local strain of rice, much like Saito ni Shizuku made Yamaguchi sakes. It appeals to my sense of symmetry, and I know when I go to Okayama I’ll be looking for Omachi sake, as well…I guess I’m peculiar that way?

Anyway. This is a junmai that grew on me. The uwadachika aroma on opening was mild, with gentle notes of rice and banana. In the mouth, the rice was more pronounced, with a clean, mildly nutty sweetness that would go well with pretty much any meal.

The aftertaste was mildly astringent, with a bit of alcohol spiciness as well.

It didn’t linger at all, much as the name implies, and this sake overall is extremely drinkable. I kind of wish I’d bought a 720ml bottle instead of the 300ml, but I know were to get more.

Definitely recommended for almost any occasion where the idea is not to force focus on the sake (it’s a bit too low-key for that).


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  1. Good review. Nakao Jozo is the third active brewery in Takehara – no ranking intended, it’s simply located a bit on the outside of the historic part of the city (in which you can find the other two). Apart from “Maboroshi”, this particular brewery has another, more traditional looking brand called “Seikyo”. In that line, they offer a junmai ginjo made from Omachi rice. You can also give it a try!

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