Misuzu Daiginjo – Tasting

Misuzu Daiginjo from Otsu Shurui Jozo in Nagato, Yamaguchi. Saito no Shizuku rice, seimaubuai 50%

This is from yet another of the less common breweries on my list of Yamaguchi kura, Otsu Shurui Jozo (Japanese link to Yamaguchi Brewer’s Assocuation page) in Nagato. Misuzu is their major brand, and after tasting it I wish it was more well known!

This is another of the vanishing “not junmai” daiginjo styles, made with rice, rice koji, and brewer’s alcohol. The rice is Yamaguchi’s own original Saito no Shizuku.

It has a very pleasant light aroma with touches of peach, pear and watermelon.

In the mouth it’s sweet and fresh, again with that touch of watermelon, and the aftertaste lingers just a bit with a good touch of umami and mild astringency. It’s not cloying at all, and indeed is a very good summery drink.

It worked well chilled, and didn’t really lose any of its aroma as it warmed either.

I’d drink this one on its own to enjoy the lightness of it, or with a very mild snack type of thing, perhaps nuts or crackers. No cheese or heavy foods, they would kill the flavor.


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