Kojo no Homare – Tasting

Junmai ginjo, Yamada Nishiki at 50% seimaibuai

This sake presents an odd situation. I bought it when I noticed the “sub heading” Sugihime. That’s the main label for Yamaguchi city brewery Yamashiroya, and indeed Yamashiroya is listed on the label…but, on closer inspection, as the “sales point.” Huh?

Indeed, the maker is listed as Yamagata Honten of Shunan, the first brewery I ever visited.

Clearly, this was made in Shunan on order of the Yamaguchi city brewery, but I don’t know why. Is Yamashiroya no longer brewing? Do they have trouble maintaining capacity? Did they want to try something that they didn’t have the equipment for? It’s a tantalizing puzzle.

And confusing! And not filling the requirement of trying every sake brewery in Yamaguchi! But still, it’s sake, so it’s going down the old hatch.

The initial aroma here is sweet, mild peach with a hint of banana, meaning a nice ginjo aroma.

However, the first sip is a big, full punch of sweet ginjo and junmai umami. This is a rich, beefy sake with a lingering touch of astringency, one that is more than assertive enough for a decent steak meal.

It seemed to balance out a bit as it warmed, so I’d drink this one between 10-15 centigrade rather than straight out of the fridge. (I don’t do atsukan, sorry).


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