Suobijin – Tasting

Takeuchi Shuzojo Suobijin, Yamadanishiki

Here we have another offering from tiny Takeuchi SHuzo in Hofu, Yamaguchi. Last time was their primary label, Nishiki Sekai, and this time is the rather familiarly named Suobijin.

Suobijin is made with 100% locally grown Yamadanishiki rice, just like Nishikisekai, yet another thing I find admirable in Takeuchi’s products.

A random blog article I found said this was the first new product Takeuchi had produced in 65 years. I find this very interesting, as just personally, I find this a very old-fashioned sake.

It’s got a rich, full uwadachika with notes of anise, vanilla and melon.

The initial attack is big and heavy, with that same melon and vanilla bottoming out with a heavy umami. It fills the mouth and stays there, with a mildly astringent aftertaste.

Compared to Nishiki Sekai, I found it richer and drier, but not overpoweringly so.

This is another sake that benefits from temperatures nearer room temperature, and pairs well with rich, mildly spiced foods. No cheese with this one.

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