Fukucho Cosmos – Tasting

Kosmos Junmai Ginjo Hiyaoroshi, Seimaibuai 60%

This is a lovely Junmai Ginjo from Imada Shuzohonten in Hiroshima. The brewery has attracted some attention because they have one of the few women Toji in Japan. Miho Imada was recently profiled in Sake Today, in fact, so one can hope that this great kura will be getting more attention in the future.

And if this particular brew is any indication, they deserves all the attention they can get!

This is a really enjoyable sake, with a mild uwadachika aroma of clean, fresh rice and white peach and a mellow golden color in the cup.

In the mouth, the brew achieves a wonderful balance of umami and ginjo fruitiness. The first wave of tastes are that white peach with a touch of melon, which soon give way to rice umami and a decent sourness that leaves the palate feeling nice and clean.

As a hiyaoroshi, or autumn sake, it’s aged a little since the spring brewing season so the flavors have deepened and grown a little bottom-ended from the light, fresh shiboritate of spring. It’s a fitting drink for the season, indeed!

It’s a good meal sake for something light, a fish meal or Japanese hotpot. Definitely worth picking up if you’re ever able to!

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