Jizake Yokocho – Event

Saturday, October 27th was Shunan city’s 2nd annual Jizake Yokocho local sake Fair. 16 sakagura from all over Yamagata were there offering their wares, including some rarities I’ve never seen anywhere locally.

A group of friends and I went to give our lovers a workout, and it was pure fun.

None of the kura were new to me, but every one has at least one label I hadn’t tried before so it was well worth it.

We started with one of my favorite sakagura, Shintani Shuzo and their Wakamusume label. This particular brew is Tsukikusa, a junmai that recently won platinum at the Brussels International Sake Selection.

It was a lovely, smooth junmai. Shintani really doesn’t make a bad sake, in my experience.

Next up was Kinkan Kuromatsu from Murashige in Iwakuni.

This is a more traditional slightly karakuchi sake, but imminently enjoyable indeed. I much prefer it to Hinoshita Muso, their other big label.

I then moved on to good old Nakashimaya, where their rare Kotobuki was out for testing.

This is quite simply one of the best junmai Daiginjo I’ve had. It’s smooth, complex, and full of rice goodness.

Another highlight was this little oddity, Goya (58) from Abu no Tsuru. Abu no Tsuru had almost always been sold in big 1.8l issho bin bottles, so I was very excited to see more manageable 720ml yongo bin bottles.

The sake was a light, fruity ginjo they I’ll definitely be on the lookout for.

There were lots of other great sakes, more than I can list. Harada, Kinfundo, even Choyo Fukumusume.

It was a great event and I really look forward to going again next year!

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