Gokyo CODE:AHK – Tasting

Gokyo is revealing itself to be one of the most interesting kura in Yamaguchi. Sakai Shuzo, the makers, is a traditional kura in the sense that they tend not to market like many of the “hip” new kura  and rely more on quality and word of mouth, both of which are stellar.

Gokyo CODE:AHK Junmai Genshu, Seimaibuai 60%

However, that’s not to say they don’t try new and different things. There is always something new to try under the Gokyo label. The best thing is, so far everything I’ve tried from Sakai Shuzo has been quite simply excellent. Their 5 line is an excellent example, playing with traditional brewing styles and untraditional types of koji to create exciting new flavors

This junmai genshu is no exception to trend! Sold under the confusing name “CODE:AHK” and with reversed Gokyo 五橋 kanji on the label (I have no idea what either indicates), it’s got a touch of modern design that many other of their labels lack, but inside the bottle it’s all sake goodness.

It starts off with a mildly fruity uwadachika aroma of melon and peach with a healthy dose of clean white rice aroma. In the mouth, the sweetness is subdued and well balanced with umami and again that taste of rice that is really quite appetizing.

It finished with a mild, clean sourness and a touch of alcohol astringency that would pair well with a simply flavored meal, especially pork.

It’s an imminently drinkable sake, and yet another sign of Sakai Shuzo’s excellent brewing skills.

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