Takarabune Junmai – Tasting

This sake comes from Hagi and is shockingly hard to find. None of the major liquor stores I’ve been to have had it, and I only got this one because I was taking a different route home from a distance party we go to and stumbled on a nice looking local shop. This was the last bottle from Nakamura they had, a without any plans to restock it because it is so hard to schedule.

Takarabune Junmai from Nakamura Shuzo. Seimaibuai 60% Saito no Shizuku

Needless to say I snapped it up, if only to cross Nakamura of my list. Luckily for my taste buds, it’s a great sake too!

This is a junmai made with 100% Saito no Shizuku rice, which gives sake a robust, deeply sweet flavor.

This junmai is full flavored with a great balance of umami and melon sweetness, without much sour acidity. It finishes cleanly and is quite refreshing. It would be a great meal sake for most any cuisine, and one I’ll be looking for again!

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