Shoraku Tobingakoi – Tasting

Shoraku Daigjinjo Nama, Seimaibuai 35%

This is a limited edition daiginjo from Chomonkyo brewers Okazaki Shuzo. I’m a sucker for tobingakoi (aka tobindori, shizuku, fukurotsuri) sakes, and Chomonkyo is always a pleasure, so this was a no-brainer for me.

In the glass, this sake has a very clean aroma with hints of rice and a very mellow sweet scent. The first sip fills the mouth with a big melon and rice flavor, with a lingering aftertaste a very small touch of astringency. There’s little sourness to clean the palate, though, so it’s not a good meal sake for Japanese food or meaty dishes.

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