Yamaguchi Sakagura List Update

I have been at this little project of mine for ages, it feels like. I have been hunting Yamaguchi sakes near and far since spring of last year, but I only started my concerted effort in July. So… about a year?

And how far have I come? well, let’s see.

The undrunk Yamaguchi sake list, as of May 2019.

I have uncovered a total of 42 operating kura (including two that are confirmed dormant, meaning they are not producing but are outsourcing their own label). I have drunk the main labels from 28 of those, and so 14 remain. You’ll notice that almost all of them are on the far side of the prefecture, with only two in the nearby Yamaguchi City/Hofu area. I have no doubt that more of these will be confirmed dormant, and a few closed in recent years, but that still leaves a lot more kura than the 24 or so claimed by most people when discussing Yamaguchi.

I do wonder how many sakagura there are in Japan that are flying under the radar, brewing away for local customers…

Just for the heck of it, here’s the full list again.

The 42 operating kura in Yamaguchi. The final two, Tominaga and Nakamura, are confirmed dormant.

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