Event – Jizake Yokocho

Shunan City’s Jizake Yokocho 2019

October 12, 2019 saw the third annual Jizake Yokocho, when Shunan City hosts sake brewers from all over Japan in the area near Tokuyama station in an open-air event. This year saw sakes from 50+ breweries lining the covered arcade street of Minami-ginza.

Sake from all over!

The system is interesting. For 3,000 yen (about $28) you get a stamp card with 15 spots: 5 for Yamaguchi kura, 5 for outside kura, and 5 “free” spots. You can by overflow cards with 6 stamps for 500 yen (just under $5). When I bought the ticket, I was told premium sakes might take 2-3 stamps, but this was not true, so that means 15 full choko cups of premium sake for 3,000. That is a DEAL.

This event was a blast. I gathered a group of friends from all over the area, and we drank sake, met people, ate snacks and had a good old time in general. Most of the stalls were manned by volunteers, but a few kura workers were on hand and I could greet some friends.

This event is such a great idea. The cool autumn weather is the perfect place to enjoy great sake, and local businesses sold the CRAP out of food and drink, too.

I will definitely be going again next year!

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