Tasting – Hinoshita Muso Junmai Koshu

Murashige Shuzo of Iwakuni is gaining attention with a wide range of new products, mostly in their Kinkan Kuromatsu label. The Hinoshita Muso label is a bit more adventurous, and this bottle is a particularly adventurous one.

Hinoshita Muso Kimoto Junmai 60 Saito no Shizuku

This is a junmai kimoto with a 60% seimaibuai, already a bit out of the norm for local sake making. It’s made with Yamaguchi’s original sake rice, Saito no Shizuku, another interesting point. What I find interesting is that all of those flavor elements (the kimoto funkiness and saito no shizuku sweetness) fall under the influence of the five year aging. It’s more well-rounded, smoother, than most of the Hinoshita Muso junmai I’ve had, and has the aged sake aroma and fullness.

It’s a complex flavor, and an exciting one. It has body and aroma to match a meal, but isn’t overpowering for unaccompanied sipping. This was a contest prize, but I’d gladly buy another bottle.

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