In With The New

The first Monday of 2020 has already passed me by, but I thought I’d make this first post of the year something more meta than another tasting. Because this year promises to be something different from last in many ways, including this sake habit of mine.

Good Old Shintani Shuzo

To begin with, I’m reaching the end stages of the Great Yamaguchi Sakagura project. I’ve drunk most of the breweries that are still running, and am now simply confirming which ones exist only on paper, or are done altogether. I’m also working on plans to visit some kura on the Sea of Japan side of the prefecture to help round out my visits list.

In addition, since I’ve tried so many Yamaguchi sakes in so many ways, I’m narrowing down the ones that I actually am hunting. Instead of taking whatever comes into hand, I’ve decided to start hunting special sakes tied to something more than just a pretty bottle. Sakes like Risshun Shiboritate (which I’ve reserved for this year already!), Jikagumi, or limited edition festival brews.

Last Year’s Risshun Asa Shibori Label

Also, I’m trying to be more serious about working in an official capacity with breweries. Last year I translated a pamphlet for Shintani Shuzo, and helped edit/retranslate a catalog for Yaoshin Shuzo, but that was all. This year I’m in talks to do a website for one of my favorite kura, and hopefully I can do more of this.

And finally, I’m going to be doing more sake education. In June I’m holding a sake tasting dinner in Fukuoka, and I’m trying to schedule more local tastings to share the joys of local sake brewing as far and wide as I can.

I hope I can get a few more people to love small scale sake as much as I do!

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