Tasting – Taka Tokubetsu Junmai Jikagumi

My first fresh bottle of sake this year is Taka’s Tokubetsu Junmai Jikagumi 60, a fresh Shinshu just for this season.

Taka tokubetsu junmai jikagumi
Taka Tokubetsu Junmai Jikagumi, 60 Seimaibuai, Yamaguchi-Grown Yamada Nishiki

Another jikagumi! For those who missed it from the Ageo ode, jikagumi sake is bottled directly from a wood press, as yet another variation of my favorite Tobin Gakoi sakes.

As you would expect from a shinshu direct bottled sake, it’s vibrant, lively. It has a touch of sparkle to it. Its full of flavor, with clean rice, mild acidity, and rich umami. There’s so much here to enjoy, and not an off note in the whole song. Nagayama Honke doesn’t make a bad sake, and this is still one of the best I’ve tried from them.

It’s balanced perfectly, so that it matches a huge variety of meals. Curry, meat, tomato soup, sukiyaki, and more. It’s great, and I went right through this bottle like water.

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