The Drinks Still Flow

Things seem to have slipped by unnoticed for a while, haven’t they? The age of corona is changing all kinds of things, and my approach to sake is certainly one of them. The complete cancellation of sake events all over Japan and the overall drop in sales has led to all kinds of complications for the industry, and for those of us even marginally connected to it the worry is not over.

But at the same time, the macro-level stress has created some micro-level opportunities that simply didn’t exist earlier. Online socialization has increased across the board, and there are now online drinking parties, sakagura tours, and meetups with sake lovers almost every day. I have been in contact with brewers all over the country, tried sake that I never would have considered buying before, and learned so very much. I can’t say things have been good overall, but there have been enough bright spots in this crazy year to keep it from being a total wash.

I have also been able to tour several local breweries, and I hope to post a bit about those as well. There might also be some big news connected to that, if things go well. Fingers crossed!

However, I am a creature of habit, and changes (even good ones) send me reeling sometimes. I have let some things go neglected–this blog being one of those. I’m looking to change that from now. I’m hoping to get back to bi-weekly posts again, with sake reviews, book reviews, and discussion of the world of sake.

For now, let’s all raise a glass and wish each other a safe, cool summer. Kanpai!

Gokyo Ride? Black , Seimaibuai 96%, black koji

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