Tasting – Gangi Kansha Junmai Daiginjo

Yaoshin Shuzo brewery’s main label Gangi has an ever increasing variety of sublabels, and this particular one was offered for Father’s Day 2020. It came wrapped in a Gangi logo tenugui towel with a matching “mask cover.” As I am a sucker for limited editions and added items, I had to get it (though I missed Father’s day by a couple of months).

Inside the wrapping was a junmai daiginjo made from Yamadanishiki rice milled to 45%. Gangi is a specialist in junmai sake, and they’ve been winning awards for their premium sake for a couple of years now. Clearly, they know what they’re doing, so there’s no real gamble picking up their sake. The only question is just what kind of variation on the theme you can expect when you open the bottle.

I drank this one from a wine glass with a dinner of curried hamburger steaks, and it was excellent.

Kansha is a dry, clean sake with pleasant acidity and a full, palate-pleasing umami. It’s quite more-ish, and the finish is quick with just a touch of cleansing astringency. The aroma is mild banana with rice notes.

Gangi Junmai Daiginjo, Yamadanishi Rice, Seimaibuai 45%

It was excellent, and interestingly dry and light for Yamaguchi sake. Another winner from Gangi, as far as I’m concerned.

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