Tasting – Otokoyama Tokubetsu Junmai

Nagayama Honke Shuzojo is much more well-known for its Taka label, but within Yamaguchi they also continue on their traditional Otokoyama label. There are actually twelve or so breweries in Japan who use this name, and so Nagayama keeps Otokoyama within the local market only to avoid confusion. Understandable, but somewhat unfortunate, since this retro label is beautiful.

Otokoyama Tokubetsu Junmai, Seimaibuai 60%

This is a tokubetsu junmai made with domestic rice milled to 60%. Just like the Taka label, this sake is quite rice-forward, and is an excellent example of well-made sake for local markets.

It has a clear, vibrant acidity and a mildly herbal note under the tartness. The rice umami is understated. It has a mildly lingering finish, and overall strikes me as a wonderful summer sake.

It is refreshing and light bodied, and not only went great with rich, meaty dishes at dinner, but was nice just for refreshing sipping afterward.

This could be one of my favorite Nagayama Honke brews, despite the fact that it’s not their prime label.

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