Tasting – Taka Autumn Harmony

Taka Autumn Harmony

As the pandemic continues to hold down dining and drinking opportunities, breweries are struggling to figure out what to do with backing up stocks. Many breweries are choosing to try new things–and many are trying their hand at adventurous blends. This is one such.

Aki Harmony is a mix of two tokubetsu junmai–one Yamadanishiki and one Saito no Shizuku–and a bit of junmai daiginjo. The goal, the label says, is to use the fuller flavors of the tokubetsu junmai sake as a base, with a touch of daignijo elegance over the top.

The result is hard to pin down. It has clear notes of junmai body and hints of fruity aroma, but overall there seems to be something lacking. It has breadth, but not much depth.

It was mellow and clean finishing, and I didn’t feel like not drinking it. It did not stand up to heating at all, though at room temperature it was pleasant enough a drink. Given that Taka usually makes such stellar sake I can’t help but think I’d rather have had the individual sakes that went into it–Taka Tokubetsu Junmai, both Yamadanishiki and Saito no Shizuku, are among my very favorite brews.

I think it’s good that breweries are trying new things, and blending in and of itself is certainly not a problem. Many great sake breweries blend their sake and the results are fantastic. So, the challenge just appears to be fine tuning. I hope local breweries keep it up until they hit the sweet spot!

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