The Great Yamaguchi Sakagura Project Revisited

It has been a while since I updated my project to catalog, drink, and visit every sakagura in the prefecture. I found that one of the most complicated parts was actually finding out which sake breweries are still running, and which ones are merely dormant. It has also been complicated as some breweries have closed, and others opened, in the interim.

I have finally pinned it down.

As of December 2020, there are currently 23 sake breweries making sake in Yamaguchi. I have drunk sake from all of them, and visited 11. There is one dormant sake brewery—Yamashiroya—that takes an active role in the brewing of its label at another sake brewery, so it deserves special mention, and many more that get another brewery, usually Yamagata Honten, to make sake that they then sell under their own label.

The currently running sakagura, with their Japanese names, location, and main label, are:

Abu no Tsuru Shuzo阿武の鶴酒造AbuchoAbu no Tsuru
Asahi Shuzo旭酒造IwakuniDassai
Choshu Shuzo長州酒造ShimonosekiTenbi
Hatsumomiji Shuzoはつもみぢ酒造ShunanHarada
Horie Sakaba堀江酒場IwakuniKinsuzume
Iwasaki Shuzo岩崎酒造HagiFukumusume
Kanemitsu Shuzo金光酒造YamaguchiSantouka
Kinfundo Shuzo金分銅酒造KudamatsuKinfundo
Murashige Shuzo村重酒造IwakuniMurashige
Nagayama Honke Shuzo永山本家酒造UbeTaka
Nagayama Shuzo永山酒造Sanyo-OnodaYamazaru
Nakashimaya Shuzojo中島屋酒造場ShunanKanenaka
Nakamura Shuzo中村酒造HagiTakarabune
Ohmine Shuzo大嶺酒造MineOhmine
Okazaki Shuzo岡崎酒造HagiChomonkyo
Sakai Shuzo酒井酒造IwakuniGokyo
Shimonoseki Shuzo下関酒造ShimonosekiSekimusume
Shintani Shuzo新谷酒造YamaguchiWakamusume
Sumikawa Shuzo澄川酒造HagiToyobijin
Takeuchi Shuzojo竹内酒造場HofuNishikisekai
Yachiyo Shuzo八千代酒造HagiYachiyo
Yamagata Honten山縣本店ShunanBouchonotsuru
Yaoshin Shuzo八百新酒造IwakuniGangi

Now, as to what I’m going to do next… Well, keep an eye on the blog. There are big things coming soon!

3 thoughts on “The Great Yamaguchi Sakagura Project Revisited

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  1. Super exciting Jim, can’t wait to see what you have in mind. Being marooned in Hong Kong still, it’s great to have these links to Japan, and visit vicariously through these kind of posts! Thanks mate.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Will!
      I’ll be staying on top of my blog a bit better from now on, and hopefully satisfy that vicarious visit craving.


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