The Futsushu Trail Continues

Astonishing. It’s been eight months since my last post here!

Thank M*sk for waking me up to how much time I’ve been wasting on Twitter and reminding me that I have other places to put my thoughts down.

So, here we are back on the Yamaguchi sake futsushu trail, looking for all the single-serving sized fustsushu worth drinking. For those wondering, I started here: On The Futsushu Trail – Eastern Yamaguchi.

Next, I moved on to Shunan and (oddly, geographically speaking) Hagi.

Kotobuki Josen from Nakashimaya Shuzojo in Shunan.

This is classic Yamaguchi futsushu. It’s sweet and rich, with complex umami that explodes on warming, but finishes quick and easy. It doesn’t weigh on the palate or have lots of aromatics to interfere with food.

Chomonkyo cup sake from Okazaki Shuzo in Hagi

Chomonkyo is increasingly focusing on premium-grade sake, but their futsushu is nothing to sneeze at. It’s a clean, dry drink that sneaks right up to food.

You might notice that I talk about food a lot with these. That’s because sake is, and always has been, a meal drink. It’s core reason for being is that: to go with, and not interfere with, whatever food you want to have. So, when people talk about pairing sake with food and what food goes well and all that, it’s kind of gilding the lily. That’s what sake is SUPPOSED to be. Sake that doesn’t pair well with food is failing at being sake, if you ask me.

Anyway, the trail will continue!

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