Links of Interest

Here are some informative and entertaining sites about Sake, Japan, etc.

National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB): this is the English sake information page of the NRIB, an official Japanese organization that researches and supports the brewing and distilling industries in Japan. It has tons of resources including glossaries, study books and more.

The Sake Notes: a site devoted to tasting and showing off great sakes from around Japan.

Sake World: John Gauntner, the godfather of the English speaking sake world, runs this site for all levels of sake lover.

The Society for Nada Sake Research (SNSR): an extensive English glossary from another research organization, focusing mostly on sake in the Nada region around Osaka, Kobe and Nishinomiya.

Tax Agency Sake Awards: Regional tax agencies all over Japan hold yearly awards for Sake quality. This page leads to English information on these awards, including lists of winners (great for hunting down excellent brews!)

Tiny Cards Decks: Deck 1 Deck 2 I made a couple of study decks with all kinds of professional terms in Japanese for those interested in Sake. These are a work in progress, and spelling errors abound. Note: pronunciations are all in kana, so some Japanese knowledge is necessary.

The Yamaguchi Sake Brewer’s Association: as it says, this is a professional organization linking all the kura in Yamaguchi prefecture, where I make my home. Note: Japanese only


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