Welcome to Yamaguchi Prefecture

Yamaguchi prefecture is found at the western end of Japan’s main island of Honshu, separated from the southern island of Kyushu by a narrow band of water called the Kanmon strait, which also marks the line between the Sea of Japan and the Seto Inland Sea. It faces the Sea of Japan to the north and west up to the strait, with the placid Seto Inland Sea on the south and west. To the east, it borders Hiroshima and Shimane prefectures.

The natural landscape is filled with beauty, with the green Chugoku mountains running east to west across the center, the gentle beaches of the Seto coast, the grand plateau of Akiyoshidai and its karst rock formations… The sea and the land give Yamaguchi much to love.

And, of course, there is the sake. Humble Yamaguchi has gone from being an unknown in the sake world to a premium sake powerhouse as home to what is arguably one of the most famous sake brands in the world, Dassai, while names like Toyobijin, Taka, and Ohmine are forging their own international fame. This prefecture stands at the center of Japan’s premium sake boom, and I hope this website helps demonstrate how that could be. Explore, enjoy, and raise a cup! Kanpai! (Cheers!)

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