Jim and Jizake

This blog catalogs the author’s adventures with Yamaguchi sake, local events, and related fun. Updates roughly once a week.

On The Futsushu Trail – Eastern Yamaguchi

Why, yes! I do, still have a blog! I am a documented fan of futsushu, the humble king of Japan’s sake industry. This reasonably priced, mass-market sake might not get a lot of headlines, but it still accounts for over 60% of all the sake made and sold in Japan. Many–most–sake breweries make futsushu as… Continue Reading →

Tasting – Ride? Black 2021

Gokyo brewer Sakai Shuzo’s Ride? Black was my favorite sake of 2020. This super-limited release is part of the brewery’s annual Nomi no Ichi event, which in past years focused on bringing together its contract shops to taste special, rare brews to bid on which shop would carry them. The last two Nomi no Ichi… Continue Reading →

A Kind of Achievement

My blog has been quiet for several months. Various things have come and gone, but much of it is due to a general lack of focus and attention span that could as easily be attributed to age as to the pandemic. But I have not been entirely lax in my work. For, in the shadowy… Continue Reading →

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