Jim and Jizake

This blog catalogs the author’s adventures with Yamaguchi sake, local events, and related fun. Updates roughly once a week.

On Value and Price in Sake

I have recently been thinking so much about sake pricing, I almost confuse myself. It’s a very big topic, and one that many people in the industry (particularly non-Japanese) seem to have strong opinions about. The primary reason, of course, is that within Japan most sake is very, very cheap, while outside Japan it is… Continue Reading →

Tasting – Harada Junmai Daiginjo

I rang in the New Year with a bottle of Hatsumomiji Shuzo’s super premium Harada Junmai Daiginjo. This one is made with Yamadanishiki sake rice grown locally in Yamaguchi prefecture (the historical name for this area is Choshu). The rice is also ranked Tokujo, which is the highest official classification. Harada sake is always complex,… Continue Reading →

Tasting – Toyo “Maru” Bijin Junmai Ginjo

This junmai ginjo is a special bottling offered through a local sake shop, Nakashimaya, which also uses the business logo Marumi, which is the same character used in Bijin, hence the “Maru” in the name. This sake is particularly special, as the sake shop has contracted with Sumikawa Shuzo to reserve an entire tank (1,800… Continue Reading →

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